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Mississauga Screen Printing and Custom Services by R & P Prints Canada

Welcome to R&P Prints Canada, Mississauga's prime destination for screen printing and embroidery services. If you're seeking top-notch custom shirt and apparel screen printing for uniforms, branded swag, or merch in Peel region, you've landed in the right place!

The Lowest Guaranteed Price in Canada & Other Reasons Why R&P Prints is the Nation's Leading Custom Printing Service

These are just a few of the reasons why R&P Prints has become the leading custom embroidery and printing service in Mississauga and Canada-wide over the years:

  1. Pricing. Our custom screen printing quality is top-tier, but we offer the lowest guaranteed prices in Canada.
  2. National and International Reach. Beyond providing acclaimed custom t-shirt printing in Mississauga, we offer free shipping across Canada and offer below-market rates for international deliveries.
  3. Rich Legacy. Our journey, spanning decades, speaks volumes of our expertise, dedication and customer satisfaction.
  4. Prompt Deliveries. Time is invaluable. Our operations are streamlined to guarantee quick turnarounds that meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Mississauga Custom Screen Printing: Where Quality Meets Style

By partnering with elite brands like Champion, Nike, and Callaway, we supply custom uniforms, workwear, athletic gear, merch and other branded apparel that's fashion-forward, professional, durable, and high-performance.

When it comes to the best service for bulk t-shirt printing in Mississauga, R&P Prints Canada is second to none. Our promise is to deliver high-quality custom shirts, apparel, and accessories that not only look good but feel great.

Expanding the Horizons of Custom T-Shirt Printing in Mississauga

Though we're celebrated for our custom t-shirt printing, our screen printing and embroidery services in Mississauga cover a vast array of clothing and accessories. Be it classic golf shirts, warm fleece hoodies, or fashionable and sturdy canvas bags; our offerings are specifically chosen for their longevity and style to serve diverse entities – from organizations, schools, and businesses to entrepreneurs, influencers, and emerging fashion designers – we ensure our printing services align with your unique narrative.

Choose from a wide array of versatile, high-performance apparel, including:

Call us locally from Mississauga at (647) 347-2643 or toll-free at  1 (877) 646-5111. Our free consultations include site visits from our custom screen printing and embroidery experts.

Custom Embroidery Excellence

Taking a step beyond screen printing services, we're also recognized for our impeccable embroidery service in Mississauga. The meticulousness and passion stitched into our embroidery work ensure your brand portrays lasting professionalism and commitment to quality. The top-grade threading we employ is geared to endure countless washes and dryings without unravelling or fading.

Custom Printing Tailored to Your Needs

Every venture has a distinct vision: be it a start-up exploring branded merch, a school or service business looking for uniforms, an influencer plotting a new merch drop, or a business needing promotional swag for one of the various conventions in the GTA.

Our custom printing services in Mississauga are tailored to mirror these individual visions. We're here to empower brands, individuals, and institutions to reach audiences through custom apparel that leaves a lasting impression.

State-of-the-Art Screen Printing & Embroidery Processes

The magic behind our superior screen printing and embroidery is our commitment to using advanced technologies and tools. We deploy cutting-edge screen-printing inks, promising vibrancy and longevity even after repeated exposure to harsh elements and multiple wash cycles.

Also, our adherence to recognized safety standards positions us as a trustworthy partner in screen printing and embroidery for hi-vis workwear.

Printing Your Unique Apparel Designs

We firmly believe that the heart of custom shirts, apparel, and accessories lies in their design. At R&P Prints Canada, customers can either upload their logos and designs or utilize our interactive design tool, translating ideas into profile-raising, professional swag and money-making branded merch.

Custom Shirt Printing & Embroidery Services in Mississauga

At R&P Prints Canada, screen printing is not just a service; it's a craft we've honed over the years. We stand as Mississauga's most reliable partner for all custom shirt and apparel services. From the first design draft to the final product delivery, our team's dedication ensures a frictionless experience. If custom t-shirt printing in Mississauga is on your radar, look no further.

Design your own custom apparel

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Screen Printing on Shirts, Apparel and Accessories in Mississauga

How can I get custom t-shirts, embroidered polos and other screen-printed clothing and accessories in Mississauga?

Mississauga's premier destination for the finest-quality yet most affordably priced embroidered and screen-printed custom products awaits you here. Kickstart your custom print journey or get a quote by diving into our interactive design tool. Simply click on the "Start Your Design" or "Free Estimate" buttons available on any page on our site.

Begin by selecting the shirt, apparel, or accessory for your screen print or embroidery. A window will then pop up, offering you the flexibility to craft a vector-based design or upload a pre-existing design or logo. (Ensure your screen print maintains clarity by uploading an image of at least 300 dpi and is saved in a .jpeg or .pdf format.)

You have the freedom to resize your design and position it within the display zone of your chosen apparel or accessory. Continue by following the instructions to finalize your order and/or request a no-obligation quote.

How much does it cost for custom shirt printing services and embroidery in Mississauga?

The cost of a custom screen printing or embroidery project in Mississauga varies based on the specific apparel — be it a shirt, jacket, sweater, and so on — that you opt for, as well as the quantity you order. Usually, the more custom shirts you order, the lower you pay per unit.

Nevertheless, at R&P Prints in Mississauga, our commitment is to offer a competitive edge with our Canada-wide low-price guarantee. To ensure you receive premium screen-printed and embroidery items at unmatched rates, we further your savings by offering:

  • Discounts on bulk orders.
  • Free shipping to Mississauga and throughout Canada, along with shipping fees for international orders that are below regular shipping rates.

We aim to provide affordable custom printing services to equip Canadian and Mississauga enterprises, regardless of their size, with cost-effective branded merchandise that enhances their brand visibility and potentially increases their sales.

Where else does Prints Canada offer custom screen printing & embroidery services outside of Mississauga?

R&P Prints Canada has been an esteemed partner to businesses and organizations in Mississauga and throughout Canada for decades, offering a comprehensive destination for custom screen printing and embroidery solutions. We also offer our custom shirt printing and embroidery expertise in numerous significant Canadian cities and their surrounding areas, such as:

How is Prints Canada different from other screen printing and embroidery services in Mississauga?

In Canada, being business leaders ourselves, we deeply resonate with the challenges of promoting an organization. Quality branding can significantly uplift sales, but often, budgets pose constraints. We've cultivated deep partnerships with the globe's top apparel manufacturers, allowing us to offer Mississauga businesses not just stylish and long-lasting custom clothing, but also the most cost-effective solutions in the country.

Further benefits we provide include:

  • Cutting-edge machinery that ensures your screen prints are vibrant and your embroidery is flawlessly stitched.
  • Free shipping for all Mississauga and national orders and attractively priced international shipping rates.
  • The flexibility of placing orders as low as 12 pieces when it comes to custom shirts and screen-printed garments.
  • Offering customer service availability beyond regular Mississauga business hours.
  • Swift delivery, even for the most pressing deadlines.

This approach is the cornerstone of our longstanding, successful collaborations with many businesses and organizations in Mississauga!

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