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Bulk Custom T-Shirts: Exactly How You Want Them!

You don’t have to be a master seamstress or a fashion designer to design your own clothing anymore. When your boss asks you to place a t-shirt order for your company’s next event - whether it’s for an upcoming conference, Christmas party, or simply a team get-together, it’s always best to order bulk custom t-shirts instead of ordering them as individual units. The same goes for if you’re ordering bulk custom t-shirts for a personal event, like a birthday party, wedding event, or family get-together.

Design your own Custom T-Shirt and Order in Bulk for Less

When you order bulk custom t-shirts, you design your own shirt and simply place an order that can either be picked up or delivered direct to your home or office. The main benefit of buying bulk custom t-shirts is the affordability — when you compare the unit price of a single Custom T-Shirt to the price of one T-Shirt custom design bulk t-shirts order Canada that’s been purchased in bulk, the former typically costs more. It’s usually a good idea to order a little more than you think is necessary because placing a second order of the same t-shirt will cost a lot more than ordering a few extra t-shirts the first time around.

For example, if you’re ordering custom t-shirts for a university orientation, you may think about ordering T-shirts on a rolling basis as students sign up for orientation week. However, you are much better off to estimate how many students will sign up and order bulk custom t-shirts based on your estimated numbers. As mentioned above, it ends up being cheaper to print some overages rather than having to place a second order to make up for late sign-ups.

Bulk custom t-shirts are made exactly how you want them. From the T-Shirt brand, to the T-Shirt Colour, to the printed design, to the chosen inks and finishing treatments, bulk custom t-shirts always come out exactly how you want them!

Bulk custom t-shirts are processed very quickly. For you, that means that once you have decided on your design and T-Shirt brand, the bulk custom t-shirts are likely to arrive in mere days! It also means that any trend or style you’ve requested as part of the t-shirt is bound to still be in style and relevant at the point of the t-shirts’ arrival. We’re accustomed to making miracles happen for our customers when it comes to timing.

R & P Prints Bulk Custom T-Shirts are Great for Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate bulk custom t-shirts, the speed of the custom t-shirts process can be extremely beneficial to your company. It means that you can place an order quite close to an event and be confident that your order will still arrive in time. Or, if you feel the need to make a change to your order, you may have the chance to re-order before your event and still be confident in your order’s arrival.

You are better off ordering bulk custom t-shirts and even overestimating the amount you need because re-ordering will cause you to have extra expenses. R&P Prints is Canada’s top company for printing bulk custom t-shirts. For more information on bulk custom t-shirts or to place an order today, visit or call us at 1 877-646-5111.

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