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Fashion-Forward Custom Screen Printed & Embroidered Fleece Apparel

Elevate Your Brand Identity with Custom Screen Printed & Embroidered Fleece Apparel

In today's competitive marketplace, every brand, be it a business, school, influencer, or sports team, needs a unique identity that stands out and spreads like wildfire. Custom screen printed and embroidered fleece apparel serves as a powerful tool to achieve these brand goals.

More than just clothing, personalized hoodies and sweaters don't just radiate style; they communicate values, missions, and affiliations, carving a special place in the hearts of wearers and onlookers alike. Whether you need embroidered sweatshirts for uniforms, semi-formal hoodies for your startup, or screen-printed hoodies to sell as merch or as giveaway swag,  R & P Prints Canada is the leading, most trusted Canadian screen printing service.

Your Brand's Style on Screen-Printed Hoodies and Sweaters From Prints Canada

We've successfully partnered with Canadian individuals and organizations of all sizes for decades, supplying them with customized apparel in lightning-fast turnaround times. We offer minimum orders as low as 12 pieces, provide free shipping to anywhere in Canada (and below market rates internationally), and supply custom printing and embroidery on fleece apparel by top brands like Nike, Canada Sportswear, and ATC Authentic at the lowest price in Canada – guaranteed.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and products and services that go above and beyond. We use the latest inks, stitching, and equipment to ensure that your design remains vibrant and durable for years to come. From simple motifs to intricate brand logos, our custom screen printing and embroidery promise that your designs capture attention and admiration and give your brand the reputation it deserves.

Business Logo Embroidery

Brands are built on perceptions, and apparel plays a crucial role in image-building. Our business logo embroidery services offer businesses, both big and small, an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Be it team hoodies for your tech crew or promotional fleece wear for corporate events, our expertise ensures your brand's logo is showcased in the best light, stitched to perfection.

Discover R & P Prints Canada's Wide Range of Fleece Apparel Options

Our customizable fleece hoodies and sweaters provide style, warmth and comfort to your team or supporters and positive exposure for your brand. From snug pullovers to stylish zippered varieties to activewear, all of our fleece garments are crafted for optimal performance.

Screen Printed Hoodies: Signature Style

The hoodie: a universal symbol of comfort and casual fashion. Our hoodies, offering both pullover and zippered designs, are perfect whether you're dressing down for a weekend or sporting semi-formal hoodies at your startup.

Personalized Fleece Sweatshirts: Modern Meets Classic

There's a timeless charm to fleece sweaters, and our crewneck and ¼ vintage zippered sweatshirt collections capture that essence beautifully. Evoking a sense of nostalgia while embracing modern, fashion-forward elements, they're a go-to choice for both work and leisure.

Safety First Hi-Vis Zippered Hoodies

In industries where visibility is paramount, your team can still feel confident about their appearance. Our range of safety-certified hi-vis zippered hoodies fulfill the necessary safety standards, and provide you a platform to advertise your brand when your team goes out on calls or for lunches and drinks.

Your Local Screen Printing & Embroidery Service – Building Relationships, One Stitch at a Time

It's natural to seek services that are conveniently close, especially when dealing with tight deadlines. That's why R & P Prints has locations across Canada in cities big and small and can deliver your custom fleece sweaters quickly to anywhere in Canada – for free.

So whether you only need 12 embroidered sweatshirts or a bulk order of screen-printed hoodies, every project is a relationship we cherish. By ensuring prompt communication, transparent processes, and timely delivery, we build and nurture these relationships. So partner with R & P Prints Canada for your custom printing and embroidery needs and discover for yourself why we're one of Canada's leading printers!

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