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Expert Commercial Screen Printing Services

Commercial screen-printing is an adaptable and versatile process. The technique makes it possible to print a design onto almost anything from flimsy materials like fabrics and textiles to thicker materials like canvas and leather.

At R&P Prints, we offer professional commercial screen printing services to companies in Canada. Our team of in house experts is equipped with state-of-the-art screen printing technology to get the job done properly and on time. Using our technology, we can print your intricate logo on a polo shirt, a four-colour image on a coffee mug — you name it.

Whether it’s traditional printing on fabrics and textiles or complex commercial packaging, screen printing can do it all. When you use screen printing for commercial needs items — or any items for that matter — the colours are brilliant, the registration is right on, and the results are long-lasting.

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The Benefits of Commercial Screen Printing

In the printing industry, commercial screen printing has become a go-to option. Learn about the many benefits of screen printing for commercial purposes:

Thick Ink: Screen-printing is a printing technique that involves an extra thick layer of ink. This makes it possible to apply the ink to a wide variety of surfaces — or “substrate.” “Substrate” is a technical term that is used for an item that is being printed.

Variety: The days of printing a one-colour graphic on a sweatshirt are done. Screen printing will allow your company to have more choice of varnish and dyes in comparison to other printing processes. Thanks to digitized images and computerized software, even the most complex of designs can be produced, edited and printed.

Additionally, not only does screen printing provide more options for designs, but it can be applied to a larger selection of items. Designs can be screen-printed on everything from apparel to key-chains, to travel mugs. Screen printing is unique in that it can be used on any substrate.

Durable: With screen printing, you don’t need to worry about ink fading with wear or use. The process applies as much visual impact to a dishwasher-safe coffee mug as it does to outdoor banners and advertising displays. When it comes to screen printing, colours are vibrant, printed surfaces are durable, and inclement weather has little or no effect.

Efficient Production Cycle: Over the years, practically everything about screen-printing has been improved — this includes the presses, dryers, and ink formulations. Now, the production process is far less labour-intensive, cost-effectiveness has been optimized, and the quality of the finished product has been enhanced dramatically. This streamlined process makes it ideal if you are dealing with specific needs and tight deadlines.

Automated Process: Screen printing automation is the key to its productivity. It allows presses to operate endlessly, and with little effect on quality output. Better-quality drying systems also contribute to an improved production process. Technological advancements and innovations like the “rotary screen press” allow for uninterrupted operation, especially when it comes to larger-scale projects.

Environmentally Friendly: The commercial screen printing industry has made major changes to its processes to make it more environmentally friendly. The industry now uses sensitizers. This is much safer than bichromates, the toxic materials that were traditionally used in the process. Pre-sensitized chemicals are now used to create the stencils that are required in the technique’s printing process.

Marketing Materials

Due to its quality results and mass application capabilities, screen printing can be used for a wide range of marketing materials from business cards to banners to t-shirts. It’s up to you how you want to use your company’s marketing dollars for screen printing.

Bulk Orders

Due to the fact that the process is automated, it’s ideal for large volume orders. Get your logo printed on a bulk order of bags, shirts, mugs — whatever you may need for your next company event. We offer bulk orders for a minimum of 12 pieces, as well as free shipping nationwide for orders of 12 or more items.


We offer custom screen printing for your commercial needs to ensure that your print reflects your brand’s messaging.

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R&P Prints: Commercial Screen Printing Professionals

At R&P Prints, our team of experienced and knowledgeable experts work with close attention to detail. Equipped with the latest printing technologies, we are able to meet tight deadlines for large bulk commercial orders.

We offer free proofs, free sales consultations, and an active live chat for all new customers. We are committed to making sure your expectations are met, and your vision is achieved.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we keep our clients involved in the process from beginning to end. It’s essential to us that we are able to resolve problems, address budgets and meet deadlines in a timely manner. We offer extended business hours to ensure orders are filled properly and on time.

We make it possible to get printing done for your organization at one low price all in one place. Make us your one-stop printing shop. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or fill out our form for a free online estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Screen Printing

What is commercial screen printing?

Commercial screen printing is the application of screen printing for commercial services like shirts for an event or branded apparel. Companies more and more are using screen printing to distill their brand's message and increase brand visibility.

How does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a stencil (or “screen”) to apply ink to a substrate to achieve the desired design. A new screen is created for every layer of a printed image.

This technique can be applied to the most complex of products ranging from glass to textile to wood to metal. Screen printing is also referred to as serigraphy or serigraph printing.

How does the CMYK colour process work?

CMYK represents cyan, magenta, yellow and black — the four colours that comprise print’s colour profile. Also known as process print, CMYK printing separates an image into these four colours to recreate colours using the colour profile.

How is screen printing different from digital printing?

Screen printing utilizes a stencil while digital printing is done using a print pre-designed on a computer.

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