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Custom Screen-Printed & Embroidered Outerwear for Canadian Brands – The Ultimate Statement in Corporate, School, & Influencer Branded Merchandise

Design Personalized Prints for Custom Screen Printed & Embroidered Outerwear that Supercharge Your Brand Reach

Making a significant brand impact is essential for Canadian businesses, schools, organizations, influencers, and potential clothing entrepreneurs to stand out in a crowded field. Custom screen-printed outerwear provides an unparalleled solution.

So whether you need team jacket printing, corporate outerwear branding, event vests, or merchandise jacket printing, R & P Prints Canada is the #1 destination and Canada's most trusted source for custom screen printing and embroidery services.

Magnify Your Brand Visibility With Expert Screen Printing Excellence

Every piece of personalized outerwear – be it a bomber jacket, softshell jacket, or vest – becomes a brand ambassador. As students wear custom school jackets, employees of businesses wear their professionally embroidered vests and softshell uniforms, and fans of influencers and independent fashion designers sport their custom-printed coats, the streets of Canada can become a platform for your brand story.

With every garment worn, your brand message amplifies, creating a memorable presence. So take advantage of local screen printing expertise proven by decades of customer satisfaction and successfully met deadlines. With locations across Canada, and free shipping to anywhere in Canada, your local R & P Prints is the go-to destination for your screen printing and embroidery needs.

Unlocking Revenue Streams with Custom Screen-Printed Outerwear

For schools, organizations, influencers, and budding clothing entrepreneurs in Canada, a golden opportunity awaits. Custom outerwear, enriched with unique designs on puffy coats and vests or classic bomber jackets, can become a vital revenue stream.

The merchandising possibilities are endless and take on a fresh, innovative dimension with personalized outerwear. With designs that resonate with your target audience, you can look forward not just to sales, but to creating brand evangelists who provide essential word-of-mouth marketing.

The Power of Custom Screen Printing in Redefining Promotional Giveaways

Shift away from the mundane and embrace the remarkable. Custom screen-printed vests or jackets as giveaways during events, or to dedicated customers, set brands apart. It's a dual benefit — recipients get a practical, stylish piece of outerwear suited for Canadian climates, and brands get lasting impressions, ensuring brand recall and loyalty.

Your Personalized Design Professionally Printed on Durable Outerwear by the World's Leading Brands – With a Lowest-Price Guarantee

Our long track record of success as one of Canada's premier screen printing companies is due in large part to our commitment to quality. We use state-of-the-art inks, stitching, and screen printing and embroidery equipment to ensure vibrant, long-lasting designs that withstand years of wear and tear.

We also leverage our buying power with brands like Nike, Champion, and Canada Sportswear to provide you with custom-printed outerwear at wholesale prices. Whether your order is for 12 pieces or you need personalized vests, jackets, or coats in bulk, you can rest assured knowing that every piece will be perfect and that you paid the lowest price in Canada – guaranteed.

Discover R & P Prints Canada's Wide Array of Customizable Jackets, Vests, Coats & More

Whether it's for revenue, promotion, or team unity, custom screen printing is optimal for spreading brand awareness. Here is a brief overview of our customizable outerwear options.

Bomber Jackets: Branding's Classic Canvas

These jackets resonate with businesses, influencers, and schools because of their versatility. Perfect for Canada's diverse seasons, whether as streetwear or as part of a professional uniform, they provide both style and utility.

Showcase Your Brand with Embroidered and Screen-Printed Puffy Coats

Canada knows cold and puffy coats are a stylish Canadian outerwear staple. Custom screen-printed or embroidered logos and designs on our wide variety of puffy coats ensure warmth and brand visibility simultaneously. An ideal choice for those chilly months and crews working in refrigerated environments.

Quilted-Down Jacket Screen Printing – Where Comfort Meets Branding

Quilted-down jackets provide comfort, warmth and coziness even in the harshest Canadian winters. Available at different price points, our screen-printing and embroidery elevate their elegance, making your brand message clear – nothing can stop your team.

Personalized Vests

Vests are versatile, suitable for all Canadian seasons. Which means they provide constant brand visibility. Schools, businesses, or events – a screen-printed vest is both a statement and a necessity.

Customizable Softshell Jackets For Canada's Changing Climes

Softshell jackets balance function with form. They're lightweight yet protective. Ideal for unpredictable Canadian weather, our embroidered and screen-printed softshells ensure that your brand remains visible, come rain or shine.

Custom-Printed Hi-Res Safety Gear: Visibility Twice Over

Safety is the number one priority. Custom screen-printing on our certified, hi-res safety gear, however, serves a dual purpose: ensuring your workers remain safe and brand promotion. Every piece ensures visibility, in more ways than one.

Custom Screen Printing: Your Brand Narrative Awaits

From Vancouver's coasts to Toronto's urban sprawl, from Montreal's historic lanes to Calgary's bustling streets, our screen-printed outerwear has graced countless Canadians in every city Canada-wide. Be it event vests printing for a landmark occasion, a school commemorating a special year, influencers launching a new line, or businesses opting for a cohesive team look, our expertise in outerwear screen printing in Canada is the trusted choice.

With our extended business hours and support staff on stand-by, customer service is our primary concern. That’s why we’re committed to producing the highest-quality screen prints and embroidery on top-performance name-brand outerwear – at the lowest price in Canada, guaranteed. We also provide free shipping to anywhere in Canada and below-market rates internationally. Combined with our low order minimums and fast turnaround times, it’s no wonder that Canadian businesses, schools, influencers, and entrepreneurs have turned to us to weave and print their brand stories for decades. Let Canada see your brand, one custom jacket, vest, or coat at a time!

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