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Are you tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on brand name clothing? Frustrated with the lack of choice and durability that you inevitably find in retail stores and online vendors? At R&P Prints we understand that your money does not grow on trees and so we offer you only the most affordable highest quality wholesale custom hoodies and sweatshirts and wholesale custom sweatshirts.

Nothing feels as good as a perfect fitting hoodie that you can wear in a variety of situations. From casual wear to sports wear, a hoodie is as versatile as it is stylish. Yet, rising costs have forced people to consider other options when buying their favorite hoodie. Many have turned to online vendors and although the prices are sometimes better, online vendors can come with a litany of problems including quality issues, size issues and more. That is why at R&P Prints we strive to provide the most affordable, high quality wholesale custom hoodies and sweatshirts and wholesale custom sweatshirts. Trust our professional and experienced staff in guiding you from the design stage, sizing all the way to when you put on your hoodie for the first time. Nothing beats our wholesale custom hoodies in terms of style, price and ease of purchase. Pick the design of your choice and R&P Prints will give you a free estimate so you can get your wholesale custom hoodies as soon as possible.

Only second to hoodies in terms of comfort is a durable, well-fitting sweatshirt. You depend on your sweatshirt to provide you maximum comfort in whatever high energy activity you are engaging in, while also having a durability that cannot be matched. For the best in sweatshirts, R&P Prints is proud to offer the highest quality and most affordable wholesale custom hoodies and sweatshirts. Avoid the marked up brand name products and invest in a product that be most cost effective and most importantly stylish. This is a no brainer, at R&P Prints our trusted staff will help you choose the correct fabric, style and provide only the highest quality equipment to meet your order. The only option that makes sense is choosing to order wholesale custom hoodies and sweatshirts and wholesale custom sweatshirts from R&P Prints.  

When choosing your clothing options whether it be hoodies or sweatshirts make sure you choose to invest your hard earned money in the most cost effective option: wholesale custom hoodies and sweatshirts and wholesale custom sweatshirts. Our equipment is only the best available and we pride ourselves on our promise to meet every deadline that you bring to us, because here at R&P Prints we put you, the customer first! Along every step of the way we will be here to help you pick the best fabric, the best customization options, the best styles and we will always try to get you the best price. Next time you’re thinking of upgrading your clothes give R&P Prints a call at 1-877-646-5111 or 647-347-2643 if you’re in the Toronto area or send us an email at our email address; make sure you pick quality and dependability!

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