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Custom Printed T-shirts

Its’ hard to walk around these days (especially in the summer) without noticing custom printed t-shirts everywhere.  Sometimes, it’s a small corporate logo, sometimes it’s a well-known company slogan, and from time to time we see something that’s outrageous.  Truth is, we all have our favorite t-shirts in the closet, and whether it’s a beloved hockey team or last year’s Jazz Festival, we usually wear them with pride.  Custom printed t-shirts have become universal, and for that matter, are worn by every age group from the tiny newborn to the senior citizen.

From creating and designing the graphics, to screen-printing and embroidery, it’s really the technology that has transformed the industry.  Computerized software has allowed for low-cost, almost instant graphic design production.  Digital image scanning can reproduce even the most intricate of logos.  And silk-screening production techniques make it possible to print one shirt or a thousand with ease.  Today, its not unusual for custom printed t-shirts to be printed all over - the back, the front and the sleeve.  And with the latest custom screen-printing techniques, any idea or concept can be turned into reality.

The only thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the t-shirt – it still looks and wears the same as always.  At R&P Prints, we have produced custom printed t-shirts for many of Canada’s major organizations - Tennis Canada, Cirque du Soleil, and University of Toronto, just to name a few.  We stock some of the better-known brand names in the business (like Gildan and Hanes), and maintain the same high degree of quality in our textile choices as we do in our production processes.

Changing technology has also automated many of the production processes that used to be labor intensive.  Scanning and uploading graphics and photos has become quick and easy; getting client proofs of a final design is practically instantaneous; and production runs now allow for super-fast turnaround on the final product.  At R&P Prints, we can deliver a short run of 100 custom t-shirts with the same ease as 10,000 - the costs aren’t prohibitive and the quality is faultless from beginning to end.     

One of the most impressive changes in our business has been the arrival of “direct to garment” printing (DTG).  We use modern ink-jet technology that has been customized for garment printing, and we use special textile inks that absorb right into the garment’s fiber.  Best of all, printing quality is not compromised, and the final printed image does not crack or peel (like production techniques of old).  The DTG process actually allows us to print on virtually any type of garment, clothing or otherwise, and even print white images on a dark background.

There is, however, one thing technology just can’t replace – and that’s people.  At R&P Prints we depend on our team of production professionals to deliver the quality work that satisfies our clients.  Our people understand screen-printing, and undertake every job as a custom job - that’s why we guarantee our work.  Beyond that, our customer service is focused on a personalized approach where our associates work closely with each client, accommodating needs and ensuring satisfaction.

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