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Provide Unmatched Style, Warmth, and Comfort with Customized Headwear From R&P Prints

Use our Fashion-Forward Custom-Printed Headwear To Promote Your Brand

Showcase your team spirit, promote your brand, or make a fashion statement with screen-printed and embroidered headwear from one of Canada's leading custom clothing and accessory suppliers.

Looking for customizable toques, baseball caps, snapbacks, or trucker hats? At R&P Prints Canada, we supply fashion-forward clothing and accessories you'll be proud to put your name on.

Why Customized Headwear?

With our wide range of style, material, and colour options, you can create custom caps and beanies that provide the wearer with warmth, style, and protection while delivering your organization limitless brand exposure.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with R&P Prints when you need custom screen-printed and embroidered headwear.

Build Brand Awareness With Customized Headwear

Stand apart from the competition and strengthen your brand recognition with our custom screen-printed headwear. Our advanced printing techniques ensure your company logo, tagline, or custom design is flawlessly showcased on your choice of headwear.

Quality Craftsmanship for Lasting Durability

Providing the best customer service in the custom printing and embroidery industry is always our number one goal, and for us, quality work is the cornerstone of exceptional service.

That's why our headwear products are crafted using only the finest materials by the world's best clothing and accessory manufacturers. And our screen-printing and embroidery processes ensure vibrant, long-lasting screen prints and stitching that won't peel, fade or crack over time.

Level-Up Your Branded Headwear with Elegant Custom Embroidery

Because of our dedication to providing the best custom clothing products and accessories, we often recommend embroidery as the better option for customized headwear.

With embroidered caps and toques, you can add intricate details and textures to enhance your design. From elegant corporate logos to intricate patterns, our embroidery options provide an added touch of sophistication to your custom caps and toques.

Examples of Our Most Popular Customizable Headwear Options

Trendy Toques That Unify Your Team and Solidify Your Reputation

Does your team work outdoors or in a refrigerated environment? Planning to give away branded toques to get your name out there?

You can foster a sense of unity among your team members and generate positive impressions for your brand with our custom-printed and embroidered toques.

These stylish winter accessories can be personalized with your company logo, employee names, or team slogans. By providing your staff with personalized toques, you not only keep them warm but you also create a cohesive and recognizable team identity, boost morale, and foster a sense of belonging.

The Classic & Versatile Baseball Cap

We offer a wide range of styles and colours of baseball caps that are versatile enough to keep you looking casual, stylish, and professional, whether you're out on the golf course, at trade shows, events, or during client meetings.

Stylish Snapbacks That  Exude Style and Fashion

Infuse fashion and brand promotion with our customizable snapbacks. These trendy caps combine style and functionality, making them perfect for casual business events, product launches, or promotional campaigns meant for fashion-forward target audiences.

Vintage-Inspired Trucker Hats for Unique Branding with a Retro Flair

Make a distinctive impression with custom embroidered and printed trucker hats. Inspired by retro aesthetics, these unique headwear pieces capture attention with the right blend of nostalgia and modern style to bring a touch of vintage charm to your brand.

Custom-printed and embroidered trucker hats are perfect for business gifts and corporate merchandising.

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