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Refresh Your Children's Wardrobe with Fall Prints

Posted on 19 September 2016

Fall is finally here! Beautiful flowers, colourful leaves, and fresh air...there is no other season like fall. We usually welcome the prettiest season with our own updated colourful wardrobe. So, why don't we refresh our children's wardrobe as well? Don't let your kids miss out on all the seasonal fun; follow the trends, update their wardrobe, and print new fall wears for them. They only deserve the best from us, and we are responsible to make sure that their style is always up to date! Let’s explore how to pick the best fall wardrobe for your children.

1. Pick a fall pattern

Fall is all about leaves, flowers, trees, and wind. Some favorite fruits and public holidays ─ such as Halloween and pumpkin ─ are also very popular. There are a lot of interesting patterns that you could explore, but if it is your first time working with customized prints, then we suggest you to pick more neutral patterns such as trees or leaves. Generally, patterns could be printed in different ways. You could choose to place the patterns into motivational quotes, funny letters, drawings, and simple patterned shirts. Either way, pick the ones that your children are most attracted to.

Pro tips: pick complicated or layered patterns for children who enjoy fashion and pick simpler patterns if your children like to dress down.

2. Experiment with colours

Fall is the season of colour, even more than summer. While summer is the season of bright colours, fall is the season of maroon. You should think of clothing items or patterns that could work well with various shades of red, yellow, and brown. Experiment with different shades to accentuate a certain clothing item. For example, you could print a design with lighter shades of red and match it with your children' shoes that have strong lipstick red colour. If you and your children are into adopting contrasts instead, you could opt into printing design with stronger shades that accentuate a complicated design then complete the outfit with accessories of yellow, gold, or dark brown colour.

3. Print on comfortable materials

Children are active and vibrant, they love to play outside and run around. Thus, the main concerns of their clothing should be comfort. As you might have known, a good general rule to stick with is that, your children are likely to be very picky as well. Clothing that are not comfortable and flexible are usually left unworn. Fortunately, our companies have worked hard to provide you with only the best materials. We carry only famous brand names ─ that are known to be comfortable ─ such as American Apparel, Gildan, and Hanes.

Fall is the most beautiful season where your children could enjoy the sun outside before winter finally comes. They deserve to look as best as they could during their playtime. If you are looking to print new fall clothing for your children, feel free to contact our customer service at 1-877-646-511 for free quote or fashion consultation. At R&P Prints, we are committed in helping you attain the best customized fall prints for your children so that they can be their best self!

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