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A Handy Checklist For Choosing a Custom Screen Printer

Posted on 24 October 2016

Like any service provider, it’s not uncommon for a screen printer to make exaggerated claims about pricing and quality and service. And while many will embellish, many do come through with flying colours – and that includes competitive pricing, brand-name quality, and superb customer service. It’s therefore worthwhile to choose wisely.   

Production/Setup Fees

Many screen-printing companies add setup fees on every order. The better companies have NO added setup fees (including screen-printing and embroidery). Simply put, it means that there is no set up charge whether the order is for 10 sweatshirts or 100.

Free Delivery in Canada

Free delivery is an excellent customer service, particularly if it’s across Canada. Here again, quantity shouldn’t really matter, whether it’s an order for 10 T-Shirts or 100. At the same time, it’s equally important for delivery to be on time, and as promised.

Industry Professionals

Professionals work closely with each client, ensuring that every project is on time and on budget. Sales representatives should be able to meet with clients on home turf. And there should be a commitment to client service from sales, to design, to production.

High Quality Promise

A reliable screen-printing company will be committed to customer satisfaction, with high quality results every time. Production should be state-of-the-art; apparel must be brand name, top quality; and there should be no compromise on workmanship.

Customer Convenience

Having in-house graphic designers will ensure a design process that’s streamlined and very customer friendly. Leading companies will also have extended business hours so that demanding deadlines and tight turnaround times can be accommodated.

All Under One Roof

Customers prefer when everything is “under one roof”. This makes for an experience that is seamless – a process that can save valuable time and money. Customers benefit when all of the activity is streamlined – from design, to production, to delivery.

Eco-Friendly Needs

Today, many customers are demanding some level of environmental friendliness. Ink products need to be safe and non-toxic; cleaning products need to be natural-based and even biodegradable; and working conditions must abide by labour codes.

Online Production

Many customers like the idea of doing everything online - when and how they want. With online design/production tools, this has never been easier. And if there’s live online support available, it’s even better - and with little chance of error.

Additional Freebies

Customers always appreciate the “extras”. Free sales consultations and advice is well received. Free estimates and budget suggestions are also appreciated. And getting a production proof at no extra charge is another way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed results are an obligation for any service provider. For screen printers this would include great printed results; quick turnaround times; and a full commitment to deadline and budgets As well, even challenging orders should be accommodated.

Apparel Assortment

Customers are most satisfied when product selection is impressive. It means having brand name apparel from the best suppliers. It means having inventory that is wide ranging. And it means having styles, sizes, and colors to satisfy every customer.

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