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Holiday Season is Coming - Customize Your Christmas Gifts!

Posted on 28 November 2016

Although it’s hard to believe that Fall has ended, the good news is that the Holidays are quickly approaching. It’s time to trade out your summer and fall clothes for winter sweaters and socks, to change the thermostat in your home to heat, and to get ready for Christmas and holiday gifting. Not knowing where to begin for Christmas and holiday shopping is very common.

Most people don’t even realize until mid December that they need to urgently scramble for gifts. However, some of the most simple, and or personalized gifts, are the ones that can mean the most. It doesn’t have to be a giant gesture, expensive jewelry, or even a pricy coat, but instead it can be the customized gift that means the most. At R&P Prints, we specialize in customizing apparel. From t-shirts, to sweatpants, to sweaters and more, we are able to print custom designs on all of the clothing articles we offer.

If you are stuck on creating a custom Christmas or holiday gift, here are some of our favourite ideas! First, customizing a t-shirt with a great photo of your family on it and giving it to your immediate and extended family who are all in it is certainly a crowd pleaser. It is a great stocking stuffer, and will surely bring the family together for another photo this year.

You can also customize a design on a sweater. For example, you can take the design from a sports jersey and put your family name on the back of a sweater. You can also put a family logo or design on the front, making your family look like the team everyone wants to be on! You can also customize baseball t-shirts to give to everyone to wear in the summer for that family picnic and BBQ!

One of our favourite things to do at R&P Prints is to help you design the t-shirt, sweater or jersey you are looking for. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure they love the outcome of their product. Even if you don’t have a certain design in mind, we can help get your creative juices flowing and assist in making the perfect design or print for your family. Whether it be a t-shirt for cousin, a sweater for your mom, or a jersey for your brother, R&P Prints can help make the design you are thinking of become a reality.

For more information on R&P Prints, the products and services we offer, or to obtain a quote, visit our website, There you will find a wide variety of the products and services we provide, as well as how you can custom create your design. Or you can give us a call and speak to someone who can help you choose the right gift for your friends and family. You can call us at 1-877-646-5111. The first, and only stop, you will need for your Christmas and holiday gifts this year is R&P Prints!

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