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The Marketing Power of Printed Wear

Posted on 26 September 2016

Brand awareness, customer reach, and brand loyalty are very important for any company that is looking to build a steady customer base. For this reason, marketing is one of the most important elements of your business. Living in the era of widespread technology, we often forget about other marketing forces. Nonetheless, you should not underestimate the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Prints, newspaper ads, newsletters, billboards remain widespread as they are still very effective. Similarly, printed wear is a wonderful media to explore as it can reach and be used by your target customers directly. Let’s discuss the marketing power of printed wear.

  1. Wearable and Memorable A printed wear is wearable, hence memorable. If you choose smart design and comfortable materials, people who receive your printed wear get reminded of your brand or product constantly as they wear them repeatedly.
  2. Affordability Smart marketing does not equal always equal expensive. Printed wears is a great example. Not only will it help you reach out to people, it could also help create a sense of community if your brand is popular enough. For some famous brands, people would actually buy a printed wear so that they could become part of the community. School jerseys or sports uniform are a few obvious example. In this case, the parties that are producing the printed wear actually gain some money while promoting their brand.
  3. Going in personal Printed wear will allow you to enter the personal circle of whoever is wearing it. This means that the suggestive force that your brand has over these people increase tremendously. If your best friend is wearing a shirt for a brand, for example, you will be much more open towards someone introducing that brand to you in the future. You are marketing without spending any extra money to extend your brand reach.
  4. Be an ice breaker Pick a smart slogan like Nike, a blunt slogan like Google or a funny one like Lay's. Either way, make it memorable and you will find that printed wear is a great ice breaker for strangers. Can you imagine casually introducing Nike to a potential customer? You could easily state that you're able to "Just do it" because you found these perfect sports gear from Nike. Simple, but effective!
  5. Talent attraction This is a great extra points for printed wear. It will not only help you find customers, it will also help you find new talents. Wearing printed wear has become a new trend within this past couple of years. It has even gotten to the point where employees of huge companies like Google would wear their company logo to feel exclusive. If you could create a strong team spirit and encourage your employees to wear printed wears, you could be attracting great talents as your employees will proudly mention their great company culture to their family and friends.

Printed wear is definitely a great marketing tool. Printed wear is useful, and most importantly, it helps give your company extensive marketing reach into your customer's social circles. If you are a business thinking of marketing your brand or product using a creative way, printed wear might be your solution. R&P Prints specialize in designing and producing high quality printed wears; we guarantee our customers' satisfaction. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us at 1-877-646-5111 for more information or a free quote.

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