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Printing shirts for a charity event: How it increases awareness and brings people closer to the cause

Posted on 22 August 2016

Nothing brings people together more than a common cause, like charity events for example. There are so many amazing things that are organized through charity events, such as raising awareness for a cause, raising money for research, donations for clothing and more. At R&P Prints, we are able to give our clients the opportunity to create their own t-shirts for any type of event they like. They can choose their own designs, logos, colours, fits and more. There is no shortage of opportunity to create an amazing t-shirts for amazing events.

At R&P Prints we offer a wide variety of opportunities for our clients to develop and create their dream designs for t-shirts and for any clothing article we offer. Our staff is extremely knowledgable and can help you design the perfect article of clothing. You tell us your vision and we can help you create it and see it through.

We love seeing our clients create clothing that helps support a charity event. We have worked with some fantastic partners and clients to help bring awareness and understanding to many special causes. There is nothing like bringing a team of people together who all care for the cause you are working hard for through team building strategies, such as wearing team uniforms or charitable t-shirts.

R&P Prints will not only help bring your team together through logos and designs, but through the perfection and quality of clothing we offer. Our company does not settle for anything less than the best and you shouldn’t either. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality of clothing and products to our clients. We want our clients to be able to wear and re-wear the clothing that they have helped create. Our t-shirt logos and designs do not wear off after the first wash, they stay true and bold to their original quality. We want our clothing to make as much as an impact as your team is for the charity they care most about.

We enjoy working with charitable organizations, both them large or small. We want to share with our clients the love and passion that they have for bringing people together to help those in greater need. A step to this can be done through different types of logos, designs and articles of clothing, all of which we have a wide variety of to offer.

If you have any questions regarding R&P Prints, screen printing, or even want a quote, we are more than happy to assist you. At R&P Prints, it is our duty to satisfy our clients, and we enjoy going above and beyond to do so. If you would like more information on the types of clothing or products you are able to create your own designs and screen prints on, visit our website,, or call us toll free, at 1-877-646-5111, for a free quote on your next order.  

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