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Screen Printing on Polyester

Posted on 15 May 2016

When it comes to screen printing on polyester, you want to make sure you’re working with printers that know what they’re doing. Any type of print on polyester apparel can easily come off in the wash if it’s not applied to the fabric correctly. Polyester is typically more difficult to print on than cotton or linen. Only strong and proper inks will attach to and stay on polyester fabrics. At R&P Prints, we ensure that all of our polyester material is printed on with the best quality products and methods out there. We want our clients to keep their jerseys for the long haul, and it all starts with printing with proper materials and methods.

Screen printing is when an item is printed on with ink with either a permanent logo, picture or design. Screen printing is put on through a system of layers and stencils of permanent paint to create the perfect image you want. To achieve the best possible outcome when screen printing on polyester, R&P Prints uses two different techniques to ensure quality and longevity. The first technique is using one-stoke white ink. This ink ensures longevity of screen printing on polyester products. It is used as a base before any colours, logos or designs are put on.

The second method R&P Prints uses to ensure the best possible outcome for our polyester products is using an underbase of grey ink. The grey ink underbase also ensures that your colours, logos and designs will stay on for much longer, especially through wear and tear. Polyester tends to be the fabric of choice for sports jerseys and workout gear, as it absorbs sweat the easiest, leaving a dry finish throughout a game or workout. When you get sportswear printed with us, you can rest assured that it will survive in the washing machine!

Screen printing is recognized as the best technique for printing on polyester, and that is exactly what we use at R&P Prints. Simply put, it just provides the best results. There are many ways to ruin a polyester fabric, and only a few ways to prevent them from losing their colour or even design, and R&P Prints knows how to do so.

If you, your company, or your team are looking for great products to wear and represent yourselves proudly, order from R&P Prints. We not only have excellent products, but we also have excellent pricing and customer service. We guarantee the quality of our products as well as the customer services provided. We do not charge our customers for any setup fees or even shipping costs. Additionally, we give our customers the chance to turn their visions into a reality. If they are not sure what design or print they want on their polyester apparel, or even any other items at R&P Prints, we can help them create the perfect image for their team, co-workers, friend and family. For more information, visit our website, There you will find the variety of products you can screen print on, as well as place embroidery and other designs on. If you would like to speak to one of our staff members regarding placing an order or to even find more information regarding R&P Prints, call our toll free line: 1-877-646-5111 or locally in Toronto and the GTA, 647-347-2643. We look forward to hearing from you!

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