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Print Amazing Shirts for the Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

Posted on 30 November 2016

So you’re in charge of your friends bachelor or bachelorette party, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning it. Do you plan a getaway? A dinner? A night out on the town? All of those seem like great ideas, but it’s the original and unique decisions you make that will help make the party memorable for years to come. So what is the one thing that you can do for the bachelor or bachelorette weekend that everyone will love? Customized shirts  for the group! At R&P Prints, we specialize in t-shirt design. Anything from photos of friends when they were young, group pictures of you all together, or even funny punchlines and inside jokes, we can print them for you.

Gathering people from all over the city, country, or even the world for bachelor or bachelorette parties can be difficult, especially people who you may not know very well, or at all. An easy way to remember who is party of your party while going out to celebrate one of your best friends, is to have everyone wear a shirt with  special design on it. They could have cute sayings such as, “I’m with the Bride”, or “Please call this number if found”. There are endless possibilities to help bring people together on a special night or weekend.

Additionally, having a team bonding experience through these custom print designs will bring people closer together. A lot of the time, bachelor and bachelorette parties have many people who may not know each other, therefore having common ground, such as your friend and your custom t-shirt, will help bring everyone closer together. Moments like these, at bachelor and bachelorette parties, only happen when the best ideas come about, therefore being able to bring everyone together will for sure make your party a successful one.

Finally, custom t-shirts are perfect for celebrating your friend the right way. You want your friends to be able to come back from a weekend or a night away celebrating the guest of honour with more than memories and photographs. You want your guests to have memorabilia from the getaway you had, and a t-shirt is the perfect takeaway. It is something they can use and wear over and over again, which will bring back great memories and good times. Whether you wear the t-shirt to the gym, to bed, or even out and about, you will always remember the great time you had wearing it.

At R&P Prints, we work together with all of our customers to make sure they are happy with the product they order. We offer a wide variety of t-shirts, such as baseball t-shirts, screen printing t-shirts, team t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and more. We also work closely with our customers to help create a design they are happy with. Even if you are not sure where to begin, our staff are there to help you create a shirt, and a memory, that will last a lifetime. For more information on R&P prints, visit our website,, or call us to help create the design that’s right for your parry at 1-877-646-5111.

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