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Affordable, Effective, High-Quality Customizable Ladies’ Wear - Represent Your Brand in Style

Invest in Screen-Printed & Embroidered Women’s Wear that Pays Dividends Over Time

Welcome to R & P Prints, one of Canada's leading suppliers of custom-printed and embroidered women's clothing and accessories.

We provide affordable, premium branded merch, uniforms, and promotional swag. So if you're a business owner, influencer, or clothing designer, our comprehensive range of customizable ladies' wear and expert screen printing and embroidery services combined with your logo or branded design can create stylish fashion pieces that continue marketing your brand for years into the future.

Affordable, Personalized Women's Wear from Top Fashion Brands

With a decades-long track record of successful partnerships with businesses and organizations across Canada, what sets us apart from other printing houses is our commitment to outstanding customer service and quality products. Examples include:

  • Our extended business hours, with support staff a click, email, or phone call away at times that are convenient to you.
  • Using our purchasing power and relationships with top clothing brands like Nike, Jericho, ATC Authentic, Callaway, and others to supply you with the best women's apparel on the market at wholesale prices that are the lowest in Canada, guaranteed.
  • Shipping your order for free to anywhere in Canada and at below-market shipping rates outside of the country.
  • Offering a low minimum order quantity of 12 pieces to accommodate businesses and organizations of all sizes. This means that you can even design custom clothing and accessories for family reunions, holiday gifts, and other social occasions.
  • Investing in industry-leading screen-printing and embroidery equipment and using high-quality ink and stitching to produce flawless, vibrant, long-lasting designs.

These are just some of the ways we support businesses, NPOs, freelancers, schools, aspiring fashion designers, etc., by accelerating their branding and marketing efforts affordably and effectively.

Customizable Ladies' Wear Made with Materials Engineered for Unparalleled Performance

Performance, comfort, style, and quality are all required in clothing and accessories with your name on it. That's why our collection of ladies' wear is made from premium materials, including ring-spun cotton, fleece, bamboo blends, and high-performance polyester tricot knits. Let's quickly explore their benefits:

  • Ring-Spun Cotton provides enhanced softness, durability, breathability, ease of care, and colour absorption thanks to its tightly aligned fibres. Its comfort comes with less pilling than regular cotton, and it has a smooth appearance, making it suitable for use in all types of clothing and accessories.
  • Fleece is known for its warmth and softness due to its brushed surface that traps air for insulation. It's breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, making it ideal for cozy activewear and cold-weather clothing.
  • Bamboo blends are hypoallergenic, breathable, and UV-protective while also contributing to reduced water usage and carbon emissions, thanks to their quick growth cycle. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties.
  • Polyester Tricot Knit offers a smooth and stretchy texture that's wrinkle-resistant and retains its shape. It's often used in personalized women's activewear because of its durability, moisture-wicking properties, and ability to provide a comfortable, unrestricted fit.

Screen-Printed & Embroidered Women's Apparel Delivered in Quick Turnaround Times Without Compromising Quality

Our experience and dedication to providing the best screen-printing and embroidery service in Canada drive us to constantly look for ways to optimize our systems. Our quick turnaround times ensure you'll be ready to showcase your brand when your custom ladies' wear is needed.

Your Vision, Our Expertise – A Unique Opportunity to Tell Your Brand's Story

Whether it's custom logo embroidery for women, screen-printed women's clothing, print-on-demand ladies' clothing, or personalized women's fashion accessories, this is your chance to get creative and leave a lasting impression on the potentially countless number of people who may come across someone wearing your branded apparel. That's why good-quality, long-lasting screen prints, embroidery, and apparel are crucial.

Once you've decided on a clothing or accessory option and colour palette, you can either upload your logo or design or create one using our intuitive design tool.

A Selection as Diverse as Your Goals and Audience

Our full range of customizable ladies' wear includes:

  •  T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve tees, and crewneck Ts.
  •  Racerback tank tops.
  •  Vintage, zippered, and pullover hoodies.
  •  Polo shirts, vintage-style 1/4-zippered sweatshirts, and sports shirts.
  •  Soft shell jackets and puffy, insulated vests.
  •  Insulated bombers and puffy coats.
  •  Quilted down coats and lightweight puffy jackets.

Colours, Sizes, and Styles for Every Need and Occasion

Our ladies' wear selection comes in all sizes and colours, ensuring inclusivity and the ability to create custom-printed or embroidered ladies' wear that aligns with your brand identity or marketing campaign.

Your Brand, Your Identity

R & P Prints Canada is your partner in amplifying your brand identity. Whether it's women's custom t-shirts, personalized women's activewear, embroidered tops for women, custom logo embroidery for women, women's embroidered workwear, or customizable loungewear for ladies, we're here to help you shape a narrative that's uniquely yours.

Design your own custom apparel

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