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Prints Canada – Back to School Shopping with Customized T-shirts

Posted on 09 August 2017

It’s back to school time already and you know that means: Back to school shopping! Your kids should start the school year off right with new clothes but how do you get them looking sharp without spending a small fortune?

Customized screen prints CanadaCustomized T-shirts

Back to school shopping with your kids can be taxing. No matter how old your children are, they want to look cool and they don’t care about your budget. Instead of traipsing around the mall with your brood in tow, get them customized T-shirts. You can customize the text and add their favourite cartoon characters and super heroes.

Quality, quantity and style

Any parent knows that children outgrow their clothes quickly which makes back to school shopping an almost fruitless pursuit. You want your kids to have quality clothing they can move in but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on T-shirts they’re going to wear once. With customized T-shirts, you get clothing your kids will love and if they outgrow it in a few months, you’re not spending a lot. Plus, you get to choose which brands the tees are printed on like Hanes or Gildan so you know they’re made of durable and comfortable materials. Custom T-shirts make the perfect hand-me-downs since they won’t deteriorate from kid to kid. Unless your youngster insists on wearing their customized tee for days on end – which might happen because they’re so comfortable and stylish – you’re looking at a T-shirt that’s built to last.

Colour, size and fun

Besides adding their favourite characters to the T-shirts, you can create them in any size and colour you want. If your kids each have a different favourite colour, you’ll be able to get them T-shirts in the colour of their choice with the characters and super heroes they adore. Each one of your children can have their own line of custom tees in their size. What can be more fun than that?

Avoid back to school shopping with Prints Canada

With free estimates and delivery and no setup fees, you can avoid shopping altogether and get your kids new clothes easily. Instead of spending time at the mall going from store to store trying to please every kid, you can instead spend quality time with them. We also offer sweatpants, hoodies, hats and jackets so you can outfit your kids from head to toe. Our talented graphic designers can take any design you wish and turn it into a gorgeous screen printed piece of custom clothing. Moreover, you can use our online design tool to create your own sketch for your children’s T-shirts. Finally, you can have embroidery done on any garment with funny quotes and family sayings. Kids say the silliest things, why not put it on their clothing? Contact us for a quote and we’ll get started on the coolest T-shirts for your children. Your kids will be the most stylish youngsters at their school and the most comfortable. And you didn’t even have to leave the house to make it happen! Back to school shopping has never been easier and more fun.

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